Warehouse Fulfillment across Europe and UK

When it comes to a warehouse in Europe and the UK with fulfillment services, we’ve got it covered

We want you and your customers to keep coming back for more. Whatever your sales channel, product or business, our quality warehouse in Europe and in the UK, along with reliable fulfilment delivers every time.

Running a promotion? Our customer handling team fronts your campaign with style.

Need to store and ship high value goods securely? No problem.

Wondering how you can keep control? Powerful IT at our location is linked to yours if that’s what you need. You can see what’s happening at any time from your desktop.

DK Fulfillment Warehousing Summary

  • Modern Facilities, physically secured, fully enclosed, dry and clean
  • A choice of UK facilities and European sites
  • Full Bonded service options
  • Full CCTV monitoring inside and out with 24 hour surveillance
  • Zonal sprinkler systems
  • High Security caged areas with access control areas
  • Automated secure carousal for high value items
  • Portfolio of logistics partners offering you competitive rates
  • Supply chain solutions created to fit your requirements
  • Dedicated mezzanine areas for specialist kitting and packing requirements
  • Flexible re-work projects, labelling, packing, filling, wrapping, testing
  • Bar code, label creation
  • Flexible bin, pallet and bulk location storage
  • Cost effective pallet, parcel and postal service portfolio


Call Centre/Customer Service

  • Customer service functions
  • Payments collections
  • Response handling


IT Expertise

  • State of the art Warehouse Management System
  • Integration and data transfer facilities
  • Optimal service hosting
  • Online order processing and management information
  • Extensive reporting


UK or German Base for Importers

  • End to end supply Chain solutions
  • Quality control and electrical compliance testing
  • Order, pick, pack and despatch across the UK/Europe to business/private addresses


Our Warehouse in Europe and Distribution

  • Large warehouse in Europe
  • Competitive rates from our German providers
  • Pan European coverage
  • Extensive networks