Fulfillment Sample Projects

There have been many occasions when DK Fulfilment has gone beyond what I would have expected in order to get the product to our customers on time. I would have no hesitation in recommending them

High Value Product Distribution

Our client’s key requisites were integration with their ordering systems and secure storage of valuable products with full tracking by bar code and serial number.

Each phone unit, SIM card and accessory bar code must be scanned on arrival at the warehouse with a daily, automatic extract of these sent back to the customer for internal records. On despatch, each item must be rescanned to check that it is the correct product and that it was scanned initially. IMEI/Bar codes are printed on the despatch documents so that the end customer can confirm that the correct product has been received. Dispatch information is then sent to our client by automated process for reconciliation.

Imported Products

Our clients import from China and needed comprehensive reworking and testing services plus UK customer service representation.

Receipt of containers, with storage and stock management of 200 product lines, requiring full QC and electrical compliance testing, rework and repair of products. Handling of the order, pick, pack and despatch process, with full system interfaces and reporting, across the UK and Europe to business and private addresses. We provide the customer service function for UK customers.

UK representation for overseas clients

Our client a mainland Europe based supplier of specialist consumables, required us to receive, store and ship 25m pieces per month on their behalf.

Paperless trading, with a full receipt and processing of electronic purchase orders and transmission of electronic invoices were core elements of their requirement.

Brand Promotion

Our clients needed a dedicated web site set up to handle their promotional campaigns.

Provision and hosting of web ordering systems for a leading cosmetic brand. Order fulfilment for up to 30,000 items weekly, including personalised sample despatch with delivery via mailsort/downstream access.

Bulky item storage and mobile team support

Our client’s two mobile operations had quite diverse needs.

  • Distribution of equipment to field engineers
  • Distribution of paper based products to customers

This dual requirement demonstrates the flexibility of the physical layout of our warehouse and of our IT systems. Equipment orders range from very large, bulky items down to very small components that are picked, packed and dispatched to 4,500 field engineers at their home addresses. At the same time, we’ve handled the distribution of both in house stationery to 1,800 field staff and sell on products and Welcome packs to their 100,000 customers.

Sample Clients