E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

You sell, we satisfy.

We want to help grow your business.

For growing e-tailers, running a web store and sourcing products is more than a full time task.The extra hassle involved in behind the scenes processing and actually getting the product out the door can be a step too far.

That’s where we can help. In collaboration with Swift Computing, who have been delivering expert software systems to a blue chip customer base since 1982 we can offer wide experience in supply chain solutions for large and smaller organisations.

This means that skilled services are always on hand to ensure smooth interaction between IF’s systems and yours.

Your web site can be linked to our fulfilment systems

  • Your customer can shop and pay online with orders being automatically fed to our fulfilment systems
  • We take care of the process from that point
  • We pick, pack and despatch

And you can run your own order processing systems remotely from our location

You are in control. We keep you in the picture, with online access to our systems and all you need to know about stock movements, transactions, re-ordering, quality issues accessible via a secure Internet portal and online reports.

We keep your returns to an absolute minimum with Bar code dispatching

Similar to the familiar Point of Sale scanning in concept, this is particularly helpful for smaller E-tailers where products may be similar but sold in low volume. Each item is scanned on despatch so that we are sure the correct product and quantity has been picked on the warehouse floor.

Non bar coded items?

No problem – we provide a bar code printing service to cater for un-coded items.

  • Save time
  • Save costs
  • Keep in Control