Omni-channel Selling

At DK Fulfilment we understand omni-channel selling and many of our clients have a multiple of sales platforms. From Amazon to eBay, website sales or just replenishment of high street stores, we have experience in all arenas.

Integration through Amazon, eBay, Magento, EDI, API or a simply csv upload, we have all options covered. Orders received into our experienced team of pickers and shipped accordingly. Whatever you sales channels are, we have the knowledge to support your processes.




And meeting the demands of omni-channel operations is the biggest challenge for retailers. The cost of fulfilling orders across channels is increasing within retailer businesses. Integrating a 3rd Party Fulfillment company like DK Fulfilment into your shipping operation will give you the flexibility you need and increase your chances of meeting your customers expectations.

Omni-channel selling into Europe?

Make sure your products are where your customers are – online and in the real world. DK Fulfilment has fulfillment centers in both the UK and mainland Europe, so you products can always be close to where your customers are shopping on-line, allowing you to deliver as fast as possible. As your international sales grow, you might get to a tipping point where reduced delivery costs will make it more cost effective to set up local distribution centers.