IT Integration

Nothing is too complex

thanks to our close working relationship with Swift Computing. Swift has over 25 years’ experience in software development. Their track record with customers such as HSBC, B&Q and British Airways means that they are confident that no task is too complex.

We can provide all the IT integration services you need, integrate with your own systems or combine the best of both.

And our internal warehousing systems include full location, batch and serial number control, support for bar codes, electronic trading and the comprehensive, sophisticated warehouse management systems that you would expect from a leading supplier.

Warehouse IT Integration

IT Integration - Fulfillment

Example Management Information – Visual Display of Sales by Area of UK

This interactive report highlights how areas of the country are performing on a Google map. Tool tip shows financial information, and clicking on the location to give a drill-down into that data.

This report, and many others, is generated using the Swift QB management information product, which is offered by DK Fulfilment for you to access your information anywhere, anytime over the web.

For more information on our IT integration services, please contact us and we will be happy for you to speak to one of our team