UK and European Pick and Pack service

“Our efficient pick and pack team will receive, locate and dispatch your goods quickly and safely making sure they arrive pristine every time”

Quality pick and pack service – how we do it

Our team of experienced and reliable warehouse and picking staff make sure that your orders are treated with the utmost care so they get to your customers in perfect condition. We can receive orders via email, CSV file, API and EDI making sure there is an option to suit every business model.

We have a variety of storage options depending on the size and nature of your product. Choose from smaller bins to full pallet locations or semi secure and fully secure areas. Our flexible premises can cater to all products big and small. We have stored everything from electric bikes to mobile phones, rugby clothing to cable ties. Variety is the spice of life.

All of the picking by our pick and pack team is controlled through the WMS – Warehouse Management System. Once orders are submitted they are processed and a pick list of your products is produced. This gives the services team the location in the warehouse, code and quantity of items required.

The pick and pack team pick the orders which are then packed and confirmed in a methodical process. All stock transactions are recorded and reported daily via our free reporting service.

We are a member of the DK Group which gives us full access to the DK Packaging. This means we can create bespoke packaging to fit your specific needs. We have designed packaging for fish tanks, books, clothing and much more. Make sure your customers receive their goods looking exactly how you want them to. Don’t rely on standard packaging that may not fit leaving your products loose and susceptible to damage.

Once all the orders are packed they are then ready to be shipped via post, courier or pallet network depending on agreed terms or whatever is cheapest. We work with all the biggest shipping companies to guarantee competitive rates across the board. Whether you are delivering to homes around the UK or businesses abroad we have a solution to suit.

Taking the stress away from you and leaving you feeling comfortable that your products and their storage and delivery are in the right hands are our main goals. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the complete package.