The Quality Advantage

It has to be Right First Time.

Our track record demonstrates that our commitment to the highest quality in every area of our operation – staff, warehousing, processes, IT systems and security – delivers substantial and tangible benefits to our customers.

We expect to deliver:

  • Improved profit opportunities
  • Better cashflow
  • Enhanced competitiveness

Improved Inventory Profiles

Our quality warehouse organisation and IT systems ensure that you know precisely what inventory is held and how it is used. Demands on working capital are reduced by matching stock and re-order levels to requirements.

Minimised Return Costs

The vast majority of orders are picked without error and damage in transit is minimal thanks to the quality of our staff, process, packing and distribution operation. Keeping customer returns low means that your costs are minimised.

Reduced Cost of Sale

We believe that our Quality of service will keep your customers coming back for more with tangible benefit to your overall cost of sale.

Lower Overheads

Our services and systems are tried, tested and flexible, ensuring that you avoid unnecessary overheads.

Reduced Supply Chain Costs

We create opportunities for savings with efficient supply chain management, tailored exactly to your needs, by ensuring that we run quality processes backed by quality IT systems and management information.

Enhanced Stock Accuracy

The quality of our warehouse facilities, security systems and staff reduces stock wastage.