Re-working and Kitting

If you are a US business looking to distribute product throughout the UK and Europe, we have considerable experience in both re-working and kitting products for re-distribution.

Re-working Services

From re-labelling to electric testing we have the experience and resources to provide you with a cost effective solution whatever your requirements. Whether this is re packing products, testing a electrical product or simply applying labels to your products, we can act quickly and efficiently to save you time and money in getting your products to market with the least disruption to your business. We have conducted major re working projects for some of the leading high street brands, ranging from 500 units to 40,000.

Kitting Services

We have many years’ experience working closely with a range of clients. From simple kitting of 2-3 items, we can offer cost-effective solutions to complex kitting requirements involving 100’s of components of various weights, sizes and complexities.

Re-working and kitting

So when you need to combine multiple products into new product kits, DK Fulfilment’s kitting services are a perfect fit.

We have extensive experience creating club packs, multi-packs, promotion kits plus other product kits for some of the biggest consumer packaged goods companies.

Our kitting and assembly allow you to:

  • Reduce stock by storing component products and finalizing product kits just before dispatching.
  • Respond quickly and cost-effectively to increased retailer demand for custom packs.
  • Fulfill individual consumer orders, such as bundling specified peripherals with a new computer purchase.