6 reasons to use DK Fulfilment as your UK / European fulfillment resource

If you want to expand your US based ecommerce business into the European Union; the chances are you will target the UK first. The premise for doing this is sound. There will be no language barriers to cross as both US sellers and UK buyers have English as their first language. Whilst that may be the case, there are important differences in the two markets, which may affect your successful expansion, if you fail to take account of them or don’t even know they exist.

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With this in mind, it is extremely beneficial to use an experienced UK fulfillment company. Here we’ve outlined 6 reasons why DK Fulfilment is the UK / European fulfillment resource for you.

1. Sound knowledge of UK market – DK Fulfilment is a UK based company that clearly understands the intricacies of the UK and European markets.
2. Excellent communication – Communication is paramount in business relationships. Using DK Fulfilment as your European fulfillment company will negate the need for translators and interpreters, which can be a significant cost on your market expansion budget.
3. Remove custom delays – Fulfill your UK and European orders from our UK based warehouse and remove custom delays for individual orders. Access the Free trade European Union easily from our UK warehouse network and pay only UK Value Added Tax (no additional taxes payable in Europe for consumer or seller).
4. Shorter delivery times – Having local firms delivering your products will result in shorter delivery times from purchase to receipt by the customer. Customer returns will be simpler and less costly. DK Fulfilment will make your order fulfillment process cost-effective and efficient.
5. Gold standard service – DK Fulfilment will ensure a gold standard service for your UK and European customers through faster order fulfillment and delivery. Improve your chances of repeat orders from satisfied customers, who appreciate prompt and competitively priced delivery of their purchases.
6. High spec warehouse IT – Our advanced IT equipment provides real time access to our US customers throughout the order fulfillment process using a secure IT portal. Our fulfillment process accommodates returns. Customer reasons for return are viewable by US etailers to inform marketing and buying strategies, as well as customer service improvement.

DK Fulfilment provides a total fulfillment package, making your expansion into the UK and European markets cost effective, stress free and secure.

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