Avoiding negative feedback on your ecommerce site

Gaining a reputation as a reliable seller is one important way of standing out in the oversubscribed eCommerce markets. Potential customers shopping online look for sellers with positive feedback and shy away from those with negative reviews. So how can you encourage your customers to leave reviews and make sure the feedback is positive?

Follow our pointers to get positive feedback from your eCommerce customers.

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A professional, accurate ecommerce store is worth the time and effort it takes. Points to remember are as follows…

Write informative product descriptions

Product descriptions should be succinct but accurate, giving your potential customers all the detail they need to make an informed buying choice. Where possible provide additional information for your products, which the customer may need. ‘How to’ and installation guides for complex products are appreciated by customers, especially if they are easy to download, without leaving your e-store.

Keep listings are current

Make sure your listings are current and that the products you are showing are in fact available. Putting an item into your basket and then finding it is out of stock does not enhance the customer shopping experience. If the products you are selling are used, make sure you are detailed and transparent about their condition. Misleading information will lead to inevitable returns and negative feedback.

State costs and timescales

Costs and delivery timescales should be shown on the product listing pages, so that customers don’t receive nasty surprises when they come to pay. Again, this is likely to result in an unconverted sale (goods left in the basket) and possibly negative feedback too.

Create a returns policy

Have a clear and concise returns policy, which is visible to the customer. Returns that are difficult are a major cause of poor reviews. Aim to make returns as easy and free for your customers and they are more likely to return to your site again.

Encourage customer feedback

Make it easy to leave feedback on your products and customer service and emphasize the importance of positive feedback from your customers. Show their opinion matters to you and future customers.

All of the above suggestions should make your eCommerce store professional and consumer orientated, improving your chances of positive feedback and increased customer loyalty.

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