Why efficient picking and packing is crucial to your ecommerce success

There are many steps necessary to creating and maintaining a profitable ecommerce business.

If you’re new to ecommerce it’s tempting to concentrate all your efforts on attracting the customer to your website and getting them to buy your products. But what about afterwards?

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What if the customer has purchased your product and now awaits delivery of their goods? The order processing stage of your sale demands as much investment both in time and money as the marketing and sales stages of the process.

Customers want to receive their goods in pristine condition and in a timely way. It’s your picking and packing process that will determine what condition your customer receives their goods and how quickly.

The overriding principle behind successful picking and packing is to reduce the number of hand offs in the process. Review how your store products in your warehouse. It is worth carrying out a detailed review of your stock flows to achieve the best places for goods for picking and packing. Here are seven ways to ensure you pick and pack your products in an optimum way:

1. It makes sense to store the products you sell most of in the most accessible place. High volume sales stored together will reduce the pickers’ time.

2. Store products normally ordered together, close to each other in the warehouse. Again this will reduce the searching time and physical walking time for pickers.

3. If your products are fragile, pre-packing prior to picking is a timesaving option at the picking stage.

4. Try to avoid mixing single item and multi item picking. Moving from one type of picking to the other will slow the picking process down. Try to separate the two types of picking.

5. Invest in technology to assist the picking and packing process.

6. Ensure your packing stations have all the necessary goods for packing to hand. Looking for boxes or tape will waste time in the packing process.

7. Don’t forgo quality checks for expediency. Your customer wants a perfect and timely product.

If you want to concentrate your time and investment on the marketing and sales stages of your ecommerce, consider outsourcing picking and packing to us. DK Fulfilment ensures optimum picking and packing processes are achieved with all the necessary quality checks. This service will grow with your business and leave you with time and money to concentrate on attracting customers and sourcing new products. Find details of our service here: http://www.dkfulfillment.com/pick-pack-services/

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