How to avoid 5 common order fulfillment mistakes

Successful order fulfillment leads to a positive customer shopping experience and increases the chances of repeat purchases.

The order fulfillment process starts when the products are ordered and ends with their successful delivery. Your business will incur increased monetary and time costs if there is an order fulfillment problem. Similarly customers may waste time waiting in for a no-show delivery.

The following five areas are the most common order fulfillment failures and need to be considered when planning a seamless order fulfillment process for your business:

  1. Miscommunication
  2. Lack of Integration
  3.  Goods out of stock
  4.  Poor coordination of the components of order fulfillment
  5.  Human error

Careful planning, astute investment and a customer-focused order fulfillment process is essential to avoid these five common mistakes.

Communication: Ensure seamless communication between your shop front and the warehouse so that they are aware of each order. The use of order management software will facilitate this process, making sure the warehouse knows in a timely manner about new orders.

Integration: All order methods must be integrated using order management software, so that the warehouse can process each, as is it received, regardless of the order method.

Inventory management: Another use of order management software is to connect your inventory ‘real time’ to your shop front, ensuring customers know if the goods are in stock before they order.

Centralized order management: The order fulfillment process has multiple stages; order made, warehouse aware of order, picking goods, packing goods, dispatch to delivery method and delivery of goods to customer. Delays are possible at each stage. Receive orders at a central point and make them accessible remotely, for all stages of the process.

Automate your order fulfillment process: Eliminate human error. Computer controlled picking, packing and shipping will reduce the chance of error in the order fulfillment process.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment will provide you with a seamless order fulfillment service without having to invest in buildings and technology.

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