How to choose an order fulfillment company

The goal of all business whether ecommerce or traditional is to grow in size and profitability. To achieve this aim the volume of sales must grow and at some point it will be greater than your in-house workforce can optimally handle.

The downside of fulfilling your orders in-house is:
• The time it takes to pick, package and ship items
• The cost of maintaining an increasing inventory to meet orders
• Meeting customers’ expectation may require investment in expensive technology.

Outsourcing to a bespoke order fulfillment company is a solution to the problem but you need to consider the following points to ensure a successful transition.

Warehouse fulfillment

Choosing a reputable order fulfillment company is crucial to your business’s success.

List your requirements and expected costs

Things to consider are:
• Real time access to your inventory and orders that is easy to access and interpret.
• Is there an alert system, so you aware if items in your inventory are running low?
• Are all the likely costs included and easy to understand? Hidden charges for increased volume or real time access to information can be expensive and detrimental to profitability.

Do your research – You need to ensure the company you choose, handle products like yours regularly and have the capacity to cope with the volume of products to want fulfilling now and in the future.

Customer Service is an important consideration. The order fulfillment company will be a vital link between you and your customers. The order fulfillment process is likely to affect whether your customer reorders from your ecommerce site so make sure they have good customer relations with their direct and indirect customers. Look for reviews and testimonials from businesses similar to yours to inform your decision.

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