The Importance of Social Shopping to Ecommerce

There is no let up in the time people spend on social media sites. Surprisingly, the contemporary obsession with social media isn’t exclusively the province of teenagers and the 18-30s. Older demographic groups are spending significant time on social media and this development has caught the interest of the ecommerce world.


Social shopping is likely to be a prominent trend of 2015 and the entrepreneurs who have developed the universally popular social sites are at the forefront of interfacing social media and ecommerce on their sites.

Pinterest, the digital successor of the pin board is the latest social media site to consider using an ecommerce model. Pinterest is the place to go for inspiration for fashion, beauty, interior design and recipes and many other areas according to its marketing.

Linking pins to purchases is the next step for the Pinterest site, which has joined Facebook and Twitter in developing a business community within its main site. Pinterest is considering the introduction of a buy button on its pinning model to enable pinners seeking inspiration, to buy the products they like and pin.

With the number of business pinners increasing and the obvious visual appeal of Pinterest, the introduction of a buy button seems to be a win-win scenario for Pinterest, the business pinners on the site and their potential customers. However the payment platform used for this initiative must be secure, reliable and suitable for a marketplace model in order to win customers’ trust.

If Pinterest moves into ecommerce, it offers an almost limitless market for large and small ecommerce businesses alike. Potential customers can look forward to shopping in an interactive, visual environment. If they see the look they want or the product they’ve been searching for, they can buy it on the same site, using a trusted payment method.

This seamless shopping process stands a great chance at enhancing their customer experience.

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