Is one click buying the future of online shopping?

For selected Amazon Prime customers in the US, the answer is yes. Amazon has recently announced that it will be launching a new ‘Dash Button’ that allows for quicker payments.

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One click buying is not a new concept on Amazon. eBooks and other products can be ordered on a one click basis, after the initial payment process has been set up on your device. The ‘Dash Button ‘ extends this service to household products.

The concept is simple:

  • Dash Buttons are sent out for free by Amazon for specific household products, chosen by their selected Amazon Prime customers.
  • Dash Buttons have reusable adhesive or a hook, so they can be sited where the product is used.
  • The bathroom to order toilet roll.
  • The laundry to order wash powder.
  • The coffee machine to order coffee.
  • The Dash Button is activated through the Amazon app on your smart phone so you can decide which products to order this way.
  • Reorder is a press away.
  • Part of the Amazon Prime service the aim is to restock your products before you run out.
  • A text alert goes to your phone so cancellation is easy and only the first press is responded to until the ordered goods are delivered.

Amazon are planning a Dash Replenishment service, where manufacturers have inbuilt buttons within their products, to reorder consumables as they are required.

This service has obvious consumer benefits:

  • Never run out of favourite household products.
  • Save time, as there is no need to create an online order.
  • Goods delivered at the same competitive prices as buying on Amazon.

There are clear benefits for the etailer too:

Security of repeat orders.
Customer brand and product loyalty. Customers are unlikely to switch to a brand they don’t have the easy order button for.

So there are advantages on both sides, for this one click order system but for the consumer who likes the best prices and variety, will ease of ordering win over choice?

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