PayPal’s instant checkout for quicker, safe shopping

After the successful introduction of PayPal for mobile apps, PayPal has launched ‘One Touch’ check out payments for on line purchases on the web. This gives them an important competitive edge in the ecommerce payments market, which they are keen to have.

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The process is simple:
The online shopper inputs their email address and password once onto their computer or phone
They can shop using PayPal without having to input their details again.

Technically they still need to select PayPal as the payment method and choose their delivery address. The ‘One Touch’ concept, presumably relating to the initial input of PayPal details (email and password) into the device once, rather than every time they shop.

This quicker, safer way of shopping on the web is expected to boost sales of on line sellers who lose customers through overly complicated checkout processes. PayPal ‘One Touch’ is another tool to help sales in the competitive ecommerce market.

The benefit of ‘One Touch’ on the web is there is no need to download an additional app to use this service. You just need a PayPal account. This should make it popular with shoppers unfamiliar with mobile app technology. It operates in a similar fashion to the Amazon 1 click but at all stores that offer PayPal as a payment method.

PayPal have reported that the uptake for ‘One Touch’ via mobile apps has been good and they expect ‘One Touch’ on the web to have a similar positive effect.

Making the payment process simpler is a positive step forward for ecommerce sellers but are there any possible pitfalls that have yet to materialize? The possibility for accidental purchases must increase if the payment process is simplified. This may lead to more returns for sellers but this is unlikely to stem the rush towards quicker payment methods on the web being rolled out internationally.

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