Are you products let down by their packaging?

Customers expect their products delivered in pristine condition. There are many types of bespoke packaging. Your task is to decide which one meets your needs.

Online delivery packaging
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Shrink wrapping
Reduces the amount of packaging needed with respect to conventional cardboard packaging.
Provides protection for fragile items such as glass or vehicle body parts.
Goods are easier to handle, transport and check in.

Involves small components assembled and packed into a kit for delivery; specialized packaging is required for this.

Hand and machine assembled packaging

Large, fragile and awkwardly shaped products may not be suitable for automated packaging.
Small items packaged using an automated bag system.

Packaging your products correctly can be a labor intensive, expensive and time consuming. Using a single solution for all packaging may mean your customers receive their products in a substandard condition, which will result in bad reviews and a loss of repeat business. So finding the optimum packaging solution is key for great customer experience and profitability.

Using the DK contract packing service can offer cost effective solution for all your packaging needs. All the above packaging services are available, with a fully trained workforce and IT infrastructure at your disposal.

DK also offers a team of highly trained and experienced product packaging engineers who can design unique packaging for your products. They understand the need to minimize packaging for environmental impact and cost and yet still ensure a safe secure packaging solution for your product.

Outsourcing your packaging requirements to a contract packaging service also has the advantage of buying the raw packaging materials more cost effectively. A large contract packing service will be able to buy the goods at better prices – they buy larger quantities more regularly and therefore benefit from purchasing economies of scale.

So make packaging a priority to ensure perfect products on delivery and if cost, expertise and time are an issue consider outsourcing to a contract packing service.

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