How shipping methods affect your sales

Attracting potential customers to your ecommerce site, showcasing your products with high quality images and providing informative product descriptions will be a wasted effort if you cannot fulfill their order with efficient warehouse procedures and timely shipping.

Could poor shipping methods be costing you sales?

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Surprisingly, free or low priced shipping is not the only consideration for consumers. Other factors, which have an impact on the customer experience, are:

  • Speedy turnaround from ordering to delivery
  • Choice of courier
  • Choice of shipping method
  • The type of packaging used

Condition of products upon arrival

Speedy turnaround from ordering to delivery is one the main reasons people shop online. Shopping from home or anywhere, 24/7, means customers expect products shipped and delivered within a few hours or next day. Even those customers, who don’t expect their products ‘next day’, would like delivery within a week and if you can’t fulfill these expectations, customers may not buy from your ecommerce store again.

Choice of courier is also important for many buyers. If they have previous poor customer experience from a specific courier they are unlikely to use them again. Similarly, if you don’t specify your courier or only use the one they don’t like, this may stop them from using your ecommerce store.

Choice of shipping method is imperative for a positive customer experience. Some customers may choose according to the couriers you use, others will choose according to time taken and price. Offering a same day or next day service will most likely lead to a positive customer experience.

The type of packaging used is closely aligned to the products arriving in pristine condition. Poorly packaged products are more likely to be delivered damaged with the resultant cost of replacing the damaged goods falling on you. Similarly, receiving damaged goods may lead to a negative review, even if the product is replaced in a timely fashion.

Ensure your shipping methods affect your sales in a positive way. Offer a choice of shipping methods and couriers. Package your goods professionally to ensure they arrive in optimum condition. Work to achieve a speedy turnaround for your products from ordering to delivery.

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