How to Spring Clean Your Ecommerce Business

Spring is traditionally the time to clean out your house, garage and yard. Your ecommerce site can also benefit from a ‘spring clean’. Well worth the time invested; a spring clean can lead to more traffic to your website and more purchases when potential customers get there.

Below we’ve outlined some of the key areas your spring clean should cover.

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Website/ shop front

Start with a sweep of your website in the following areas:

  • Design template/Themes/Content – Review and consider updating your website’s design template and themes to reflect the new season and to make your site stand out in the marketplace. Spring colours, pale blues, yellows and greens make a fresh clean statement with little effort and expense. Templates and themes are easily changed and usually at reasonable cost.
  • Legality – Ensure your site’s copyright is current and that it meets all ecommerce legal requirement and industry standards.
  • Security – Secure on line payment is paramount for an ecommerce business so invest in the best and most trusted SSL certificate. Run virus scans on software and tune up your systems to ensure they are performing at their optimum.

Accuracy/ Branding/Responsiveness

  • Proof read your website content and product descriptions to ensure they are accurate.
  • Check though search engines and by visiting your website as a customer to ensure the web pages perform as expected.
  • Remove outdated offers from your home page, shopping cart, banners and coupons page and replace with new offers.
  • View your website through different media, particularly phone and tablet to ensure the content loads quickly and completely.
  • Update your website content and blog posts to reflect the season.


Add to your website content. Possible improvement areas could be:

  • Including customer reviews of your products
  • Introducing a live chat facility to help with purchases and payment queries. This feature will highlight common areas of concern that could be addressed in your FAQ section.
  • Addition of a phone number for customer service issues.
  • Develop an up sell/cross sell strategy by researching products that come in various grades or work well with similar products.


Review your products and make the following changes:

  • Remove outdated items that are seasonal /perishable or superseded by a newer version.
  • Discount these products to reduce inventory, improve cash flow and make way for new spring products.
  • Write product descriptions for your new inventory.
  • Publicise through your blog and social media.
  • Consider offering free shipping as a way of drawing attention to your new products.
  • Offer opportunities on your product pages for customers to up sell to a better model or cross sell by buying a complementary product.

Tick all of these off your list and you’ll have completed your ecommerce spring clean!

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