How US businesses can benefit from UK distribution & order fulfillment

Is your US ecommerce business looking to expand its reach to European markets? Then your best bet is to work with a UK distribution and order fulfilment specialist! DK Fulfilment is highly experienced in fulfilling US ecommerce orders and distributing them to customers both here in the UK and throughout Europe. Want to know more? Check out the benefits of using a UK distribution centre below…

Grow your customer base

One of the main benefits of outsourcing order fulfilment to DK Fulfilment is that it will help you to grow your customer base. Make use of our UK fulfilment services and your US business won’t have to find the capital for it’s own warehouse or distribution centre. Basically you’ll be able to grow your customer base without major investment.

Reduce shipping charges

Do your expensive shipping fees stop UK and European customers from buying your products? Reduce them and win their loyalty by using our UK warehouse! Not only is it cheaper to ship products from the UK than the US but DK Fulfilment also benefit from lower rates because we ship in large volumes.

Offer faster delivery

Shipping from the US to the UK and Europe can take a considerable amount of time. Speed up your delivery times and impress your customers by outsourcing order fulfilment to DK Fulfilment. We can provide a quick turnaround time on order fulfilment that will keep your customers happy and encourage repurchases.

No additional taxes / duties

Do your UK and European customers often complain about expensive customs charges? You can stop this from happening by simply using our UK order fulfilment and distribution services. The EU is a free trade zone so there will be no need to worry about additional taxes or duties for your US business or your customers.

With so many benefits, it is no wonder than so many US ecommerce businesses are outsourcing order fulfilment to third parties in the UK. For more information about DK Fulfilment’s distribution and order fulfilment services for US businesses, contact us today on +44 (0)1788 820 200.

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