How US businesses can improve customer satisfaction in the UK & Europe

DK Fulfilment provides first class UK fulfillment services for companies in the US. See below to find out how we can help you reduce returns and complaints whilst increasing customer satisfaction and re-orders.

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Faster fulfillment process

In a world where consumers can download music within seconds and stream video on the go it is no surprise that when it comes to product delivery their demands are high. Consumers expect to be able to buy products online and receive them within a couple of days (if not the next day) but if you are shipping from the US to the UK or Europe, this is simply impossible.

If you want to offer your European customers a quicker delivery process, your best option is to outsource order fulfillment to a UK company like DK Fulfilment. The quicker you can get your orders out to customers, the happier they will be with your service and the more likely they are to place another order with you in the future.

Cheaper delivery costs

Shipping from your warehouse in the US to your customers in the UK and Europe is not only time consuming but also very costly. It is likely that you have to charge your customers fairly expensive shipping fees and this could potentially put them off from placing an order with you.

An easy way to improve customer satisfaction is to lower your shipping costs and the way you can do that is by outsourcing your US order fulfillment to the UK.

If your orders are sent out from our UK warehouse to your UK and European customers, the delivery charges will be much lower than if you were shipping them from the US, as the distance is much shorter. Not only that, but seeing as we use couriers on a daily basis, we are privy to great delivery discounts that we will pass on to you, our clients.

No confusion or complaints regarding customs charges

One of the main worries UK and European customers have about placing orders on US ecommerce sites is that they will be left to pay customs charges on top of the expensive shipping fees they have already had to pay.

When customers are hit with unexpected customs charges it often results in complaints and loss of future business. By simply outsourcing order fulfillment from the US to the UK, you can take customs charges out of the equation, which is sure to please your customers!

Easier returns process

Do you often receive complaints from your UK and European customers about your returns process? Returning products from the UK or another European country to the US can be a real inconvenience for the customer, not to mention costly. However by outsourcing order fulfillment to DK Fulfilment in the UK, you can offer your customers an easier returns process, which is sure to lead to higher levels of satisfaction.

Our team of order fulfillment experts will handle customer returns on your behalf, saving you from having to wait weeks for your items to be sent back. Seeing as customers will only have to return their products to a UK address rather than a US address, they are likely to see it as less of an inconvenience. Not only that but we are sure they will feel much more confident purchasing products from a US company that has fulfillment partners in the UK.

If you are interested in outsourcing order fulfillment to our team here in the UK, please get in touch by calling us on +44 (0)1788 820 200. We look forward to working with you!

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