What you can expect this holiday season

The planning, communication and integration of ecommerce systems is essential if your ecommerce business wants to make the most of the holiday increase in demand. Reviewing the previous year’s trends is one way to help plan successfully for this year. Google have done just that and devised an infographic highlighting likely shopping trends for the holiday season in 2015.

A notable trend from 2014 is the holiday season shopping started early. So you need to have your shop fronts, inventory and fulfillment process ready for increased demand from the end of October.


Holiday Season Infographic

Internet research was used by nearly 80% of shoppers over the holiday season. Make sure you have; easy to read and detailed product descriptions, accompanied by customer reviews and how to guides to fulfill this customer demand.
Goods purchased online made up 40% of holiday purchases. It is likely this trend will increase in 2015. Ensure your inventory of products is sufficient to meet the expected demand.
Your website needs to be responsive and mobile friendly. Over half of all online shoppers used smartphones or tablets during the 2014 holiday season. If your website doesn’t perform well on these platforms you are likely to lose potential sales.
Customers took advantage of the open market and were open to buying from new etailers and over 41% actually did this. So if you’re out to increase your share of the market, make sure your ecommerce website will attract new customers and ensure you can fulfill their orders in an optimum way to keep their custom.
YouTube videos played a significant role in holiday season purchases, with product reviews and demonstrations being the most influential. More shoppers preferred to watch peer videos than expert review videos. Make it easy to make a video review on your website.

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