What’s new at eBay and how will it affect you as e-tailers?

eBay announced seller friendly plans at its 20th birthday party this month. Objective standards centralized selling tools and competitive insights were the headlines but what does this mean for etailers who sell on eBay?

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eBay announces new plans for sellers at it’s 20th birthday party. Image credit

Objective standards from quarter 1 2016
Three modified metrics for determining a seller’s standing:
• Closed cases escalated to eBay
o This modifies closed cases without seller resolution
• Cancelled orders
• Late deliveries
o This modifies detailed seller ratings, which are low for shipping by only including cases where tracking or customer complaint both without acceptance signatures flags up a delivery or non delivery, outside expected delivery date

In line with the objective standards the number of allowable defects before standing is affected has decreased:
• Top sellers – 1 poor standard within 200 sales
• Other sellers – 1 poor standard within 50 sales.
It is likely the change will be welcomed by sellers as the measures are within their control

New seller hub
The hub contains a complete overview of the seller’s activity:
• Listings
• Sales
• Orders
• Marketing and Promotional tools
• Guidance on listing competitively
The hub offers a real time status on your business activities on eBay and allows you to include tracking number information, bulk invoicing, and eBay postage labels and manage cancellations and returns for all your listings in one place.
Metrics on your business performance is available and insights into making your e-commerce business more competitive.

The centralized seller hub will replace other selling tools and listing information for sellers some of, which is currently only available by subscription. The new hub, which will be widely introduced during 2016, is free for professional sellers. Another demonstration of eBay’s commitment to the grass root sellers and their dedication to making the marketplace professional and responsive.

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