UK Fulfillment


Are you looking to expand your US eCommerce business into Europe? DK Fulfilment provides the ideal order fulfillment solution. Work with us and benefit from access to our UK warehouse facilities, top of the range IT systems and highly experienced staff.


Advantages of fulfilling orders from within the EU:

• Expand into new markets and benefit from a local presence.
• The EU is a free trade zone so there will be no additional taxes or duties for the recipient or sender (other than UK VAT).
• Faster and more cost effective shipping to European customers (no custom delays).
• Increased customer satisfaction and repeat purchases (through faster order fulfillment and delivery).


Order fulfillment: Why UK Fulfillment?

If you are concerned that language may be a barrier to communication when expanding into Europe, then choosing a UK fulfillment company like DK Fulfillment might be a good option. We share the same first language, but you still gain a presence within the EU free trade zone.


Working with DK Fulfilment

DK Fulfillment make use of the latest warehouse software and are therefore able to provide US clients with a clear picture of what is happening with their orders in our warehouse. With access to our system and real-time updates through a secure on-line portal, you will be able to benefit from complete control over the order fulfillment process and total transparency.

As well as providing US clients with efficient order fulfillment services here in the UK, we will also take care of returns on your behalf. Our team of order fulfillment experts will ensure that all returns are logged on the system (allowing you to see the reasons for returns) and that customers are updated throughout the process.

Basically we take the stress out of processing and fulfilling European orders and leave you to concentrate on doing what you do best – selling your products.


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The UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden currently have the highest percentage of online buyers, making them the ideal markets for your US business to target. So what are you waiting for?

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